8 Ball Pool Apk Latest Version 3.13.1 Download 2023

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of 8-ball pool? This classic billiards game offers hours of fun and challenge for players of all skill levels. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the rules, equipment, and essential tips to master the game and become a pool shark. Let’s get started!

8 Ball Pool Apk
8 Ball Pool Apk

8 Ball Pool Apk Latest Version 3.13.1 Download

Game Name8 Ball Pool
Latest Version5.13.0
MOD InfoUnlimited Cue, Long Line, Menu

How to Play 8 Ball Pool Apk

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of 8-ball pool? This classic billiards game offers hours of fun and challenge for players of all skill levels. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the rules, equipment, and essential tips to master the game and become a pool shark. Let’s get started!

Rules of 8 Ball Pool Apk

In 8 ball pool, the objective is to pocket either the solid balls or the striped balls and then legally pocket the black ball (number 8) to win the game. Here are the basic rules:

  1. Number of Players: The game can be played with two players (singles) or four players in teams of two (doubles).
  2. Equipment Needed:
    • Pool table
    • Cue stick
    • Triangle rack
    • 7 solid balls (numbered 1 to 7)
    • 7 stripe balls (numbered 9 to 15)
    • 1 black ball (number 8)
    • 1 white cue ball (used to strike other balls)
  3. Determining the First Player: The first player can be decided by tossing a coin, and the winner of the toss can choose to go first or have the opposing player start.

Game Preparation

  1. Racking the Balls: The balls are racked in a triangle shape, with the 8 ball in the center. The order of the balls should be randomly arranged.

Rules of the Break

  1. The player breaking the rack (using the white cue ball) does not need to hit any object ball first.
  2. At least four balls must hit the cushions or be pocketed for the break to be considered legal. If not, it is an illegal break.
  3. In the case of an illegal break, the opponent can accept the table as is or choose to re-rack and break again.


  1. Starting the Game: The game begins with the first player placing the white cue ball anywhere behind the table’s head string.
  2. Open Table: If the player pots one or more balls on the break, the table remains open, meaning the player can choose to play either solids or stripes.
  3. Calling Shots: Players may choose to play with the “Call Your Shots” rule. This means they must announce which ball they intend to pocket and in which pocket before taking the shot.
  4. Pocketing Balls: Once a player legally pockets all their designated balls (solids or stripes), they must then aim for the black ball (number 8) to win the game.

Winning the Game

  1. A player wins the game by pocketing all of their seven balls and then legally pocketing the black ball (number 8) into the nominated pocket.
  2. The opponent player also wins if:
    • The black ball (number 8) is knocked off the table.
    • The black ball is pocketed in a pocket other than the one designated.
    • The black ball is potted before all the player’s object balls have been potted.
    • The player pots the white cue ball and the black ball in the same shot.
    • The player pots the black ball but also fouls.

8 Ball Pool Game Strategy

If you’re a small-level player in 8 Ball Pool and find it challenging to win matches in a row, don’t worry! I’ll share a little intelligence to help you improve your game and increase your chances of winning more matches. But before we dive in, let me remind you of some important tips.

The Importance of the Break

Experienced YouTubers often mention that getting a break in the game increases your chances of winning by about 80%. The remaining 20% depends on how well you break the balls. Practice is key, so work on your break on the practice table to scatter the balls effectively and avoid creating bunches.

The Smart Break Strategy

Here’s a smart break strategy to improve your chances of getting the break each time you play:

  1. Go to the Miami table and play a 100 coins match.
  2. If you get the break in that match, it’s likely you won’t get the break in the next match.
  3. Conversely, if you don’t get the break in the first match, you’re more likely to get the break in the next match.

Denying Your Opponent’s Chances

Winning matches without giving any chances to your opponent is known as denial. By perfecting this strategy, you can outplay even higher-level players or potential hackers. Deny your opponent any chances to play, and you’ll have a significant advantage in the game.

The Success of the Break Trick

While this break trick is highly successful for me (about 90% of the time), there might be instances where it doesn’t work. It happens occasionally, but overall, it’s an effective strategy to improve your game. Remember, playing carefully and denying your opponent opportunities is crucial to your success.

How to Unlock the Cage Match Cue in 8 Ball Pool

Understanding the Quest

The Ultimate Rumble Quest consists of 18 tasks that you need to complete to earn pieces of the exclusive Cage Match Cue. The tasks are straightforward and clearly written, but I understand that some players may have difficulty understanding them.

Completing the Tasks

  1. Open Victory Boxes: For the first task, simply open any five victory boxes from various sources, such as Pool Pass, daily tasks, or by watching free videos.
  2. Win 3 Matches in a Row: Win three consecutive matches on any table. Losing a match in between won’t affect this task.
  3. Open Victory Boxes from Specific Tables: Open three victory boxes from tables like Mumbai, Berlin, Miami, Dallas, or Istanbul.
  4. Play Lucky Shots or Golden Shots: Play three lucky shots, three golden shots, two lucky and one golden, or one lucky and two golden shots.
  5. Reach Rank 15 in Pool Pass: Touch rank 15 in Pool Pass by earning Pool Pass XP.
  6. Spin the Wheel: Spin the wheel three times, whether it’s a normal spin or a golden spin.
  7. Open 10 Victory Boxes: Open ten victory boxes from any table.
  8. Win 3 Consecutive Matches on 9-Ball Table: Win three matches in a row on any 9-ball table.
  9. Touch the Last Box of Pool Pass: Reach the last box (Box No. 34) of Pool Pass.
  10. Win 20 Matches: Win 20 matches on any table. Continuous wins are not required.
  11. Open 10 Surprise Boxes: Open ten surprise boxes, whether they are Rare, Epic, or Legendary.
  12. Win 2 Tournaments: Win two tournaments, either different ones or the same tournament twice.
  13. Win 5 Matches on Shanghai Table: Win five matches on the Shanghai table or any table above it.
  14. Complete the Bonus Tasks: These tasks will automatically be completed as you finish the main 18 tasks.

Get the Cage Match Cue

By completing all 18 tasks, you will receive 596 pieces of the Cage Match Cue. It’s a fantastic cue that maxes out at level 41 and grants you 2050 CCP. The best part is, you can achieve this without spending any cash! Take your time, enjoy the season, and complete the tasks at your own pace.

I hope this detailed explanation of the Ultimate Rumble Quest helps you complete the tasks easily and efficiently. Remember, there’s no rush, as the quest runs for three full weeks.

How to Max Level in 8 Ball Pool

How to Access the Ultimate Rumble Quest

To find this thrilling quest, simply open the offers pop-up in the game. After scrolling through the offers, you’ll come across the ultimate rumble quest.

Completing the Quest

You’ll have a total of 18 quests to conquer. Every time you complete three quests, three more will be revealed for you to tackle. Each quest completion rewards you with pieces of an Exclusive Cage Match Cue. The value of these pieces is mentioned in the quest details.

Skip the Quest with Cash

In case you’re running low on time or feeling adventurous, you have the option to skip a quest using cash. The amount of cash required to skip each quest is indicated in the quest interface.

Bonus Quest Opportunity

In addition to the 18 quests, there’s a bonus quest waiting for you. When you complete five rumble quests, you’ll receive 50 pieces. Completing 11 quests rewards you with 100 pieces, and after completing all 18 quests, you’ll get 150 more pieces. This means you can quickly level up your Cage Match Cue!

A Quick Progression Tip

As soon as you complete a set of three quests, the next set will immediately appear before you. This way, you can efficiently complete all your quests in a single day!

Unlock the Ultimate Cue

Take a look at the incredible Cage Match Cue you can unlock through this quest. It’s another level max cue that will boost your performance and style in the game.


Now that you have a solid understanding of the rules and gameplay of an 8 ball Apk pool, it’s time to grab a cue stick and hit the table! Whether you’re playing casually with friends or competitively in tournaments, the 8 ball pool Apk offers endless entertainment and opportunities to showcase your skills. Remember to practice regularly, develop your strategy, and most importantly, have fun! Good luck and enjoy the game!

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