Alight Motion Pro APK v5.0.161.106019 Download [Mod 2023]

Alight Motion Pro has become one of the most popular mobile video editing apps in recent years. With its easy-to-use interface and professional editing capabilities, Alight Motion allows anyone to create stunning videos right from their phone.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide everything you need to know about downloading and using Alight Motion Pro APK on your Android device.

Alight Motion Pro APK
Alight Motion Pro APK

So let’s get started!

What is Alight Motion Pro APK?

Alight Motion is a full-featured video editing app for Android and iOS devices. The standard version available on Google Play Store and App Store comes with all the basic editing tools you would expect – trimming clips, adding audio, applying filters and transitions etc.

However, advanced options like removing the watermark, chroma key compositing, and keyframe animations are only available in the Pro version which requires a paid subscription.

This is where the Alight Motion Pro APK comes in. The Alight Motion Pro APK is a modded version of the app with all the pro features unlocked for free. So you get access to all the premium options without paying anything.

Some of the key advantages of the modded Alight Motion Pro APK include:

  • Remove annoying watermarks from exported videos
  • Unlock the chroma key for green screen effects
  • Get access to all pro transitions and visual effects
  • Add keyframe animations to your clips
  • Export videos in resolution up to 4K
  • No ads while using the app

So if you want to truly unleash your creativity and make professional-looking videos from your Android device, downloading the modded Alight Motion Pro APK is highly recommended.

Key Features of Alight Motion Pro

Before we get into how to download and install the app, let’s take a quick look at some of the standout features that make Alight Motion Pro so powerful:

Keyframe Animation

The keyframe animation tool allows you to animate properties of your media layers over time. You can create custom motion paths, reveal effects, transitions, and much more. This opens up endless creative possibilities for your videos.

Chroma Key

Also known as green screen, the chroma key feature lets you easily remove solid color backgrounds from your clips. This allows you to seamlessly composite different shots together or add custom backgrounds.

Blending Modes

Blending modes give you precise control over how your layers interact. There are 24 different blend modes like multiply, overlay, screen, etc. to choose from.

Vector Graphics

With vector graphics support you can add sleek 2D/3D elements and text to your videos. Shape properties like position, scale, and rotation can be keyframed for animation.

Visual Effects

Alight Motion Pro comes packed with over 100 high-quality visual effects ranging from color adjustment presets to glitch effects and distortions. Spice up your videos with stylish effects.

Audio Mixing

The advanced audio engine offers waveform visualization and stereo mixing capabilities. Add voiceovers, background scores, and sound effects with precision control.

Maximum Export Resolution – 4K

You can export your final videos in resolutions up to 4K which is perfect for uploading to YouTube or Vimeo in stunning HD quality.

No Watermark

The biggest benefit of the modded Alight Motion Pro APK is that you can export videos without an annoying watermark. This gives your videos a clean professional look.

With features like these, Alight Motion Pro provides everything you need to take your mobile video editing to the next level. Now let’s see how we can download and install it on an Android device.

Advantages of the Pro Version

Before we dive into the installation process, let’s recap some of the key advantages of using the modded Alight Motion Pro APK instead of the basic free version:

Alight Motion Pro APK
Alight Motion Pro APK
  • No Watermark – The free version adds an annoying watermark to your exported videos. With the pro version, you can export clean videos without any watermark.
  • Remove Ads – The free version contains ads that keep popping up while editing. The pro-APK has no ads so you can focus on creating videos without interruptions.
  • Chroma Key – Want to add some cool green screen effects to your videos? The Chroma key is only available in the pro version.
  • Max Resolution 4K – Export your final videos in stunning 4K resolution. The free version only allows a maximum resolution of 1080p.
  • Keyframe Animation – Add professional-style keyframe animations to your video clips with the pro version.
  • Premium Transitions & Effects – Access the full library of pro transitions like a glitch, warp, slice, etc. Elevate your videos with premium effects.
  • Blending Modes – Get creative with blend modes like screen, overlay, and multiply to composite your layers.
  • Vector Graphics – Spice up your videos by adding customizable vector shapes and text elements.
  • Audio Waveforms & Mixer – Fine-tune audio levels with the advanced audio mixer and visualize waveforms.

So in summary, the pro-APK unlocks Alight Motion’s full potential allowing you to make truly professional videos right on your mobile device.

How to Download and Install Alight Motion Pro APK

Without further ado, let’s look at step-by-step instructions on how to download and install the Alight Motion Pro mod APK on your Android device:

Step 1) Enable Unknown Sources

Since the modded APK file will be installed from a third-party source, you need to enable ‘Install from Unknown Sources’ on your device. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open Settings and select Safety & Privacy
  • Look for the option ‘Install Apps from External Sources’ and turn it ON
  • This allows your phone to install apps from sources other than Google Play Store

Step 2) Download Alight Motion Pro APK

Next, you need to download the latest version of the Alight Motion Pro mod APK file.

You can download it from any trusted APK download site like APK4All. Simply search for “Alight Motion Pro APK”, download the APK file and you are good to go.

We recommend getting it from APK4All because:

  • The APK is 100% safe and free from malware
  • They keep it updated with the newest version
  • Trusted site with thousands of users

Step 3) Install the Alight Motion Pro APK

Once you have downloaded the APK file on your Android phone, follow these steps to install it:

  • Go to File Manager and navigate to the folder where you downloaded the APK file
  • Tap on the APK file. Select Install when prompted.
  • The app will ask for necessary permissions. Grant all permissions.
  • After the installation process completes, you will see the ‘App installed’ message

And that’s it! The Alight Motion Pro APK will be installed on your Android device. You can now open the app and start using all the pro features for free.

The process is quick and easy. Within a few minutes, you can start editing pro-quality videos on your mobile. Now let’s see how to use the app’s powerful features.

Step-by-Step Tutorial to Edit Videos in Alight Motion

The great thing about Alight Motion is that it is fairly simple and intuitive to use even for beginners. Here is a quick step-by-step tutorial that covers the basics of editing a video in Alight Motion Pro APK:

Step 1) Import Media

  • Open the Alight Motion app on your device
  • Tap on the ‘+’ button to create a new project
  • Select the aspect ratio and frame rate
  • Tap on ‘Import Media’ and choose videos or images you want to add to the project
  • Your media will be imported into the timeline

Step 2) Add Background Music

  • Tap on the ‘+’ icon at the bottom and select ‘Audio’
  • Choose an audio file from your device’s storage
  • The audio track will be added to the project timeline

Step 3) Trim/Cut Clips

  • To trim or cut a video clip, tap on it and select ‘Trim’
  • Use the sliders or enter time to set the portion you want to keep
  • The clip duration will be trimmed on the timeline

Step 4) Re-arrange Clips

  • You can easily re-arrange clips on the timeline
  • Simply tap and hold a clip, then drag it left or right and drop it at the desired position

Step 5) Add Effects

  • Tap on a clip and select ‘FX’ to browse through all available effects
  • Choose an effect like color adjustment, glitch, glow etc, and customize it
  • The effect will be applied to that clip

Step 6) Export Video

  • After finishing all edits, tap on ‘Export’ to render the final video
  • Select resolution, aspect ratio, bit rate, frame rate
  • Tap on ‘Export’ and choose the folder to save

And that’s it! The exported video will be saved in the selected folder in MP4 format. You can then easily share it on social media or YouTube.

Let’s now take a look at some more advanced editing features of Alight Motion Pro.

Exporting and Sharing Your Videos

Once you finish editing your video project in Alight Motion Pro, you will want to export it out of the app and share it with the world.

Alight Motion Pro APK
Alight Motion Pro APK

The great news is that exporting and sharing videos is really simple. Here are the steps:

Exporting Video

  • Tap on the Export button on top
  • Select the Resolution and Aspect Ratio
  • Choose MP4 or GIF format
  • Tap on Advanced Settings to adjust Bit Rate, Frame Rate, etc.
  • Finally, tap on Export – choose the folder to save

The app provides plenty of options to export your video in the desired resolution, size, and format.

Sharing Video

  • After exporting, go to the folder where your video is saved
  • Tap on the Share button next to the video
  • Choose the app or social media platform you want to share it on
  • Add any description and share your awesome video!

The social media integration makes it super easy to share your Alight Motion videos directly on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Next up, let’s explore one of the most powerful features only available in Alight Motion Pro – the Chroma Key tool.

Using the Chroma Key Tool

The Chroma key, also known as the green screen, is an exciting feature that lets you replace solid color backgrounds in your clips. The chroma key tool is perfect for compositing shots together or adding custom backgrounds.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use chroma key in Alight Motion Pro:

Step 1) Import your footage

Import the green screen footage as well as the background you want to use. Make sure the subject is clearly separated from the green background.

Step 2) Add your clips to the timeline

Place the green screen clip on the timeline first, followed by the background clip.

Step 3) Select the green screen clip

Tap on the clip and then go to the Layer Properties tab.

Step 4) Enable Chroma Key

Tap on the Key icon beside Blend Mode and choose Chroma Key.

Step 5) Select the green color

Use the eye-dropper to pick the green color. Adjust Tolerance if needed.

Step 6) Tweak edge settings

Increase Smoothing to clean rough edges. Lower Shrink to fill gaps.

And that’s it! The green background will be cleanly removed. You can now adjust the layers to perfectly composite your shots.

With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to create professional green screen effects using the chroma key tool in Alight Motion.

Adding Visual Effects

Alight Motion Pro comes with over 100 high-quality visual effects to make your videos stand out. Let’s see how to browse through them and apply effects:

Browse Effects

  • On the timeline, tap on the clip you want to add effect to
  • Select ‘FX’ to open up the visual effects panel
  • Browse through different effect categories like Color Adjustment, Distortion, Stylize, etc.
  • Tap on an effect thumbnail to see a demo

Add and Customize Effect

  • Choose an effect you like and tap on the + icon to add it
  • Go back to the clip on the timeline
  • Tap on the effect layer under the clip
  • Play around with effect properties like intensity, blending, start/end points, etc.
  • The effect preview will update in real-time

So whether you want creative distortions like glitch or wave, color grading presets, or unique transitions like swirl or warp – the library of effects in Alight Motion helps make your videos look professional and polished.

Audio is another important aspect of video editing. Let’s learn about Alight Motion’s audio tools next.

Working with Audio

Alight Motion makes it really easy to work with audio – adding soundtracks, sound effects, voiceovers, and more. Here are some key things you can do:

Import Audio

  • Tap the ‘+’ button and select Audio to import tracks
  • Your music or audio clips will be added to the timeline

Waveform Visualization

  • You can view the waveform of audio clips which allows for precise trimming

Adjust Volume Levels

  • Each audio clip has a volume control to adjust levels
  • Use keyframes to automate volume changes

Mixing & Panning

  • The audio mixer provides advanced options like stereo panning
  • Fine-tune each track’s levels and spatial positions

Ducking & Fading

  • Fade in/out smoothly transitions your audio
  • Ducking reduces other tracks’ volume when one clip plays

Record Voiceover

  • Easily record a voiceover directly in the app timeline
  • Ensure your voice is clearly audible over the music

So whether you’re looking to create perfect audio mixes or simply add background music, Alight Motion has you covered.

We’re nearing the end, but before we wrap up here are some useful tips for creating great videos with Alight Motion.

Tips for Creating Great Videos

Here are some pro tips to take your Alight Motion videos to the next level:

  • Use keyframes for animating properties like position, scale, rotation, etc. This brings motion graphics to life.
  • Add B-Roll clips like cutaways and close-ups to make storytelling more engaging.
  • Use overlays, textures, and visual elements to enhance the look and feel.
  • Match color tones across different clips for visual consistency using color grading.
  • Add cinematic black bars on the top and bottom if going for a movie-style look.
  • Customize the canvas size and aspect ratio according to the output platform (Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
  • Use transitions sparingly. Simple cuts often work best for switching between clips.
  • Add subtitles if making tutorials or informational content to make it more accessible.
  • Use music thoughtfully. Pick an instrumental score that matches the video style and genre.
  • Keep export settings optimal for the platform where you will share the video. Compress sufficiently to ensure fast loading.

Keep these tips in mind and you will be able to make engaging videos that captivate audiences and get more views!

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Despite being a robust app, you may face minor technical issues at times with Alight Motion Pro. Here are fixes for some common problems:

Problem: App crashes or won’t open

Solution: Clear app data and cache from device settings > relaunch

Problem: Exported video has no audio

Solution: Check audio track is not muted in timeline > increase volume

Problem: Exported video resolution is low

Solution: Increase video resolution in export settings

Problem: App keeps stopping unexpectedly

Solution: Grant all requested app permissions > restart device

Problem: Effects run slow or crash app

Solution: Effects require powerful device > use simpler effects

Problem: Green screen not working properly

Solution: Improve lighting & separation of subject > increase smoothness

So those are some handy troubleshooting tips. Reach out to Alight Motion support for any other unresolved issues.

Now let’s wrap things up by answering some frequently asked questions about the app.

FAQs about Alight Motion Pro APK

Is the Alight Motion Pro APK safe to download?

The modded APK available from trusted sites like APK4All is 100% safe as long as you download it from the original source. We scan every upload to ensure it is free from malware or spyware.

Does it work on low-end Android phones?

Alight Motion requires at least Android 5.0+ and 2GB RAM for smooth performance. It may not work well on very low-end phones with less than 1GB RAM.

Do I need to root my Android phone?

Rooting is not required. You only need to enable install from Unknown Sources to directly install the APK file.

Does it work on devices other than Android?

Unfortunately, Alight Motion Pro is only available for Android smartphones and tablets. There is no iOS or PC version.

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This concludes our in-depth guide on downloading and using Alight Motion Pro APK. We covered a ton of ground explaining all the premium features unlocked in the modded version, step-by-step editing tutorials, how to share videos, and useful pro tips.

Alight Motion certainly lives up to its name as one of the most powerful yet easy-to-use mobile video editing apps. With the pro version, you get to experience the full flexibility and creativity needed to produce professional-grade videos.

We highly recommend giving the Alight Motion Pro APK a try if you haven’t already. The unlimited features and no watermark make it a must-have tool for vloggers, social media influencers, marketers, and anyone who wants to level up their video game.

Just follow the installation process outlined earlier in this guide and you’ll be good to go. We hope you found this detailed tutorial helpful. Go unleash your creativity and make some cinematic masterpieces with Alight Motion!

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