Back Alley Tales 1.1.3

Back Alley Tales is an intriguing adult-themed game for Android that takes players on an exciting journey. With its anime-inspired pixel art visuals, varied locations, and engaging backstories of female characters, it aims to provide an unparalleled adult gaming experience on mobile.

Why Choose Back Alley Tales?

Here are some notable features that make Back Alley Tales stand out:

  • Visually Appealing Art Style – The game utilizes 4000+ pixel animations and Live 2D technology for sharp imagery. The cute anime-esque art style enhances the experience.
  • Multiple Intriguing Locations – Players can explore 12 major locations and 50+ mini-events that unfold engaging stories.
  • Varied Female Characters – It features 4 female protagonists with unique personalities and backstories to discover.
  • Adult-Oriented Gameplay – The provocative stories and scenes make it an adults-only title. Gameplay varies based on player choices.
  • Completely Free – Unlike many games with adult content, Back Alley Tales is free to download and play without any ads or In-app purchases.
JennaA mysterious woman with a hidden past
NinaAn aspiring singer trying to get her big break
ZoeA party girl well-known in local clubs
LolaA bookish girl next door with a secret wild side

The varied female characters in terms of personality and backgrounds make repeat playthroughs exciting to see how stories unfold.

Key Features

Engaging Storyline

Players take on the role of a small-town guardian who discovers provocative stories by watching security camera footage. The unlocked stories vary based on player choices.

Multiple Gameplay Modes

  • Story – Uncover stories of different characters through interactive gameplay.
  • Gallery – Revisit intimate scenes unlocked.
  • Extras – Enjoy bonus content like wallpapers and achievements.

Customizable Display

The game has options to zoom, shrink, or erase on-screen elements for optimized viewing along with adjustable TV display effects.


With its anime visuals, adult-themes, interactive stories, and colorful cast of characters, Back Alley Tales delivers a unique adult gaming experience on Android. The customizable display and completely free nature of the game make it easy to recommend for adult players looking for entertainment.

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