CarX Street MOD APK v0.9.4 (Unlimited Money) Latest Version

Are you a fan of racing games and looking for a new adrenaline-pumping experience on your mobile device? If so, you might be intrigued by CarX Street, a mobile racing game that has been generating buzz in the gaming community. In this review, we’ll dive into the world of CarX Street, exploring its gameplay, customization options, and more. Let’s rev our engines and hit the virtual streets!

CarX Street MOD APK
CarX Street MOD APK

CarX Street Overview

CarX Street is often hailed as a spiritual successor to the classic street racing game, Need for Speed Underground. With its underground racing scene, thrilling high-speed races, and a variety of customizable cars, CarX Street does bear some resemblance to the iconic Need for Speed title.

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Getting Started with CarX Street

At the beginning of the game, you’ll have the option to choose from three cars. Some players might start with the default car, the Civic. Feel free to rate my car out of ten! As Alice takes you through this guide, you might notice the car sound muted due to copyright issues with YouTube’s default background music. Nevertheless, you’ll get to see the gameplay and learn about various aspects of the game.

Game NameCarX Street
Latest Versionv0.9.4
Last Updated08 July 2023
PublisherCarX Technologies, LLC.
RequirementsAndroid 9.0
Size1.06 GB

Explore the Open Map and Customize Your Car

CarX Street offers an open map where you can drive freely and customize your car to your liking. Each safe house can hold up to three cars, but you’ll need to pay to unlock additional spaces.

The map provides various opportunities to earn money. Look out for green glowing boxes on your way and crash into them to collect money. Gas is essential for your car, but don’t worry; it doesn’t run out quickly. However, if it depletes, your car will still move, but not at top speed.

CarX Street MOD APK
CarX Street MOD APK

CarX Street MOD APK Features

Exciting Gameplay and Controls

One of the first things you’ll notice about CarX Street is its smooth and intuitive gameplay. The controls are designed to provide a satisfying driving experience on mobile devices. While the default tilt controls work well for some players, you also have the option to switch to two-button controls, offering better precision and control during races.

Impressive Car Customization

Car enthusiasts will find themselves immersed in CarX Street’s impressive car customization options. From engines to transmissions, and body kits to exhaust systems, you can fine-tune your car to match your racing style and preference. The game features a wide array of real-world car models, although they might not bear official names due to licensing constraints.

In-Game Purchases and Microtransactions

As with many mobile games, CarX Street does offer in-game purchases and microtransactions. While it’s possible to enjoy the game without spending a dime, some players might find it tempting to accelerate their progress by purchasing in-game currency or premium cars. However, the game remains enjoyable even without spending real money.

Thrilling Races and Challenges

CarX Street offers an array of races and challenges to keep players engaged. From junior tournaments to more advanced competitions, there’s a variety of racing experiences for players of different skill levels. The races are adrenaline-pumping and well-designed, making each victory a satisfying accomplishment.

Impressive Graphics and Sound

Considering that CarX Street is a mobile game, its graphics, and sound are commendable. The car models are well-detailed, and the environments are visually appealing. Moreover, the sound effects and engine roars add to the immersive racing experience.

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Ready to Hit the Streets? Download CarX Street Now

CarX Street MOD APK
CarX Street MOD APK

If you’re ready to hit the virtual streets and experience the thrill of underground racing on your mobile device, download CarX Street today. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and unleash your inner street racer.

Remember, it’s not just about winning the race; it’s about the journey and the pursuit of becoming the ultimate street racing legend.

CarX Street Tips and Tricks for Racing Success

Hey there, fellow racers! If you’re new to CarX Street and looking for some tips to get ahead in the game, you’ve come to the right place. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll cover some essential tips and tricks to help you dominate the streets and make the most out of your racing experience. Even if you’re not a beginner, some of these tips might still be useful to you, so stick around. Let’s get started!

1. Choose Your Car Wisely
As you embark on your racing journey, the first crucial decision is choosing your car. Avoid wasting time with the Civic; it’s not the best option. Instead, aim for a better car to get the most out of your gameplay. Experiment with different cars to find the one that suits your racing style.

2. Follow the In-Game Tutorials
CarX Street provides tutorials to help you get familiar with the game mechanics. Don’t ignore these valuable lessons! Spend a few minutes going through them to understand the controls and features better. It will enhance your overall gaming experience.

3. Optimize Fuel Usage
Upgrade your fuel tank to the ultimate level to ensure you have enough fuel for extended races. Keep your fuel level low and use the “full tank” option to optimize fuel usage. Remember, nitro automatically refills by speeding, so there’s no need to buy it from the gas station.

4. Manual Gear Shifting
While changing gears manually may feel challenging at first, it’s essential for advanced gameplay. Switch to manual transmission by turning off the automatic transmission in the settings. With practice, you’ll gain better control over your car, especially during drifting.

5. Stay Connected to the Internet
To avoid losing progress, always ensure you are connected to the internet while playing CarX Street. Offline progress doesn’t get saved, so stay connected to continue making strides in the game.

6. Master Traction Control
Traction control is a critical aspect of racing games. Make sure to turn it off, especially during drifting, to have better control over your car. When the traction control button is orange and says “off,” it means it’s disabled.

7. Learn Car Tuning
To optimize your car’s performance, you need to learn how to tune it properly. Avoid blindly copying others’ tunes; instead, experiment with different options and find the settings that suit your driving style. Check out the tutorials available on the channel for in-depth guidance.

8. Smart Part Purchases
Price doesn’t always equal quality when it comes to parts. For example, expensive transmission parts may not be the best choice, especially for drift cars. Be strategic with your part purchases and prioritize what suits your racing style and car build.

9. The Money-Making Process
To make money in CarX Street, focus on playing club races rather than the purple ones, which don’t provide enough XP. Be wary of money glitches and avoid using unsafe methods to gain an advantage. Instead, focus on improving your racing skills to earn rewards legitimately.

10. Avoid Account Scams
Never pay anyone for a CarX Street account. Many scams are floating around, trying to take advantage of eager players. Stay cautious and enjoy the game without compromising your account’s security.

Additional Tips for Racing Success

CarX Street MOD APK
CarX Street MOD APK

1. Engine Swap and Upgrades
Before upgrading engine parts like the turbo, make sure to do the engine swap first. Swapping the engine after upgrading other parts will result in losing the upgrades. Additionally, consider choosing a car with a decent engine, reducing the need for swaps.

2. Choose Wisely for Clubs
When selecting a car for a club that requires a specific tier, avoid upgrading a lower-tier car to meet the requirement. Instead, buy a car already in the required tier, as it costs less and provides extra races upon club completion.

3. Tire Selection
Understand the difference between tire types in the tuning shop. Thicker tires offer more grip, while sport tires are ideal for low-power cars or for achieving smoother drifts with high-power

cars. Choose accordingly based on your car’s characteristics.

4. Control Options
CarX Street offers three control types: tilting, buttons, and swipe wheel. While buttons provide more assistance, they are less efficient. For better control, opt for the gyro or the swipe wheel. Gyro might take time to master, while the wheel offers easier car control.

5. Increase Car Rating
Customizations affect a car’s rating, with different body parts offering varying ratings. Experiment with combinations to boost your car’s rating. For example, Speedline Syndicate Club requires around 450 ratings, easily achievable with even stock body kits.

6. Tune Settings Accuracy
In the tune shop, if you find it challenging to set specific numbers for gearbox adjustments, tap on the number next to it and ensure the range is within the blue line. Also, make sure to have racing or higher parts equipped to unlock the settings.

7. Manual Shifting
The transition from automatic to manual shifting for better control and power management. Manual shifting allows precise control over the car, especially during drifting, making it worth the learning curve.

8. Upgrade the Fuel Tank
Invest in the fuel tank upgrade, which doubles its capacity, allowing you to refuel the entire tank. Opt for regular gas to avoid compromising performance, especially if your car isn’t fully upgraded.

9. Graphics Settings
For smoother gameplay and reduced lag, turn off motion blur in the graphics settings. This can significantly improve performance, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience.

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Top Strategies for Dominating CarX Street

CarX Street MOD APK
CarX Street MOD APK
  1. Buying Gas and Nitro: When visiting the gas station, go for the 600 option to save money. You can also refill Nitro at the gas station, and it automatically refills as you drive.
  2. Crash into Green Glowing Boxes: These boxes help you earn money, so make sure to hit them whenever you spot one.
  3. Tuning Shop: At the tuning shop, you can enhance your car’s power and handling. To drift more easily, tap on the drift button during races.
  4. Engine Swaps: If you change your car’s engine, remember that you’ll need to buy the same parts again for that specific engine, so spend wisely.
  5. Daily Races: Participate in daily races to earn cash, XP, and gold tokens. The R32 is considered one of the best cars for racing due to its quick start.
  6. Selling Cars: If you want to sell a car, simply tap on it in the car showroom and choose the “sell” option.

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Explore CarX Street’s Map

The game map includes various features like crew races, safe houses, gas stations, car showrooms, and more. Crew races can be played online or offline, and the car showroom allows you to buy more cars.

CarX Street: How to Fix Lag and Crashes

Hey there, are you experiencing lag and crashes while playing CarX Street on your phone? No worries, I’ll provide you with some essential tips to eliminate those issues and make your game run smoothly.

Identifying the Problem

Before we proceed, take a look at the article, and we often see how much lag I faced while playing the game on my Redmi Note 8 Pro. If you have a similar device with an Antutu score of around 290,000, then these settings might work for you too. However, if your score is significantly lower (less than 250,000), unfortunately, the game might not run smoothly on your phone.

Game Optimization Tips

Follow these steps carefully to optimize your gaming experience:

CarX Street MOD APK
CarX Street MOD APK
  1. Clear Background Apps: Make sure no other game or application is running in the background. To free up system resources, close all background apps.
  2. Delete Unnecessary Apps: If you have unnecessary apps downloaded on your phone, consider deleting them to create more storage space.
  3. Clear Cache Data: Go to settings and clear the cache data for the game. This step is crucial to ensure smoother performance.
  4. Restart Your Phone: After clearing the cache, restart your phone. This helps cool down the CPU and the device, allowing for smoother gameplay.
  5. Monitor FPS: Use your phone’s game booster or any game turbo feature to monitor the frames per second (FPS) you’re getting in the game.
  6. Adjust Graphics Settings: Depending on your phone’s capabilities, adjust the graphic settings to find the right balance between performance and visual quality.
  7. Avoid Overheating: If your phone tends to overheat during gameplay, find a cool area or place it in front of a fan or air conditioner.

Optimizing Gameplay

Now that you’ve followed these tips, you should experience significant improvements in gameplay. Make sure to explore the game in areas where the FPS is smooth. This will enhance your overall gaming experience.

During club races or intense race moments with four cars on the screen, consider adjusting your graphics settings to keep your phone cool and avoid crashes.


Armed with these beginner tips, you’re now ready to hit the virtual streets of CarX Street and take on exciting racing challenges. Remember, practice makes perfect, and with dedication and skill, you’ll become a formidable racer in no time.

CarX Street successfully captures the essence of classic street racing games, making it an exciting choice for racing game enthusiasts. Its smooth gameplay, impressive car customization options, and thrilling races make it a worthy contender in the mobile racing game genre.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a racing aficionado, CarX Street is definitely worth a try. Enjoy the thrill of the race, and don’t forget to give this article a thumbs up if you found it helpful. Happy racing!

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