Frozen City Mod Apk v1.4.5 (Unlimited Money/Coins)

Frozen City is an exciting strategy game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world engulfed in icy terrain. The game revolves around the task of rebuilding society after the devastating effects of an icy apocalypse. As the player, you embark on an expedition in search of a mysterious entity known as the Eternal Flame. Along your journey, you encounter fellow survivors and establish new settlements.

Frozen City Game Overview

In the beginning, your starting City is small, consisting of basic structures centered around a bonfire. However, as you venture further north, the cities become larger and more technologically advanced. With this progress comes the need for additional resources to sustain the expanding settlements, requiring you to carefully manage complex production chains.

The game offers a unique blend of survival elements, base-building mechanics, and idle gameplay. While actively playing, there is an abundance of tasks to engage in, ensuring an immersive experience. What sets Frozen City apart is that progress continues even when you are away from the game. The AFK-style gameplay allows the city to run autonomously for up to two hours. If desired, you can enhance this duration by purchasing upgrades.

Your journey begins in the desolate Camp Valley town, serving as a tutorial hub where you learn the basics and unlock new heroes. As you progress, you’ll explore various other cities like Plain City, each presenting its own set of challenges and opportunities for expansion.

Immerse yourself in the frozen wasteland of Frozen City and unleash your strategic prowess as you navigate the complexities of survival and rebuild civilization from the icy ruins.

App NameFrozen City
Latest Versionv1.4.5
Last Updated17 July 2023
PublisherCentury Games
RequirementsAndroid 6.0
Size459 MB

Frozen City Mod Apk Features

Frozen City Mod Apk
Frozen City Mod Apk

Resource Gathering

In Frozen City, you’ll need to gather a variety of resources to sustain your town’s growth. This includes collecting essential materials like wood, stone, and food. Assign survivors to different facilities, such as lumber mills, quarries, and farms, to extract these resources and ensure a steady supply for your town’s needs.

Survivor Management

Taking care of your survivors is crucial for their well-being. You’ll need to provide them with basic necessities like food and shelter. Allocate resources to construct and upgrade buildings that offer housing and protection against the harsh environment. Manage your survivor population, ensure their happiness, and address their needs to maintain a thriving community.


Explore the vast and untamed wilderness surrounding your town. Venture into uncharted territories to discover hidden resources and valuable information. This can include uncovering new resource deposits, finding rare items, or encountering other groups of survivors. Exploration opens up opportunities for growth and expansion while providing challenges and rewards along the way.

Crafting and Processing

Utilize the raw materials you gather to craft and process essential items. Establish workshops and processing facilities to convert raw resources into usable goods. This can involve crafting tools, weapons, clothing, and other necessary items for your town’s survival. Efficient crafting and processing are key to meeting the demands of your growing population.

Town Expansion

As your town progresses, you’ll have the opportunity to expand and accommodate more survivors. Construct additional buildings, create new living spaces, and establish community areas to attract and accommodate incoming survivors. A larger population brings benefits such as increased productivity and the ability to undertake more ambitious projects.

Hardcore Gameplay

Frozen City offers challenging gameplay elements that test your strategic thinking and decision-making skills. As you face limited resources, harsh weather conditions, and potential threats from the environment or other factions, you’ll need to make tough choices to ensure the survival and prosperity of your town. Adaptability, resource management, and strategic planning are vital to overcoming the challenges and thriving in this post-apocalyptic world.

Currency and Resources in Frozen City

In Frozen City, there are two types of evolved currency. One is used for leveling up characters, while the other is used to raise the upgrade limit. Interestingly, there is no soft currency in the game; it is replaced by resources. Each resource holds its own value, and its necessity varies from map to map.

Some resources require other resources to produce them, creating a production chain. Mastering the handling of various currencies and finding a balance becomes crucial as the game presents new and more challenging obstacles.

Unpredictable Snowstorms

In Frozen City games, players often aim to bring their factories to a comfortable level and watch everything run smoothly while enjoying a cup of coffee. However, in Frozen City, occasional snowstorms hit the camp, significantly lowering the temperature in the environment. As the game progresses, these storms become harsher. Players quickly learn that going into the negative is a realistic possibility, and there is no room for relaxation.

Immerse yourself in the immersive world of Frozen City as you gather resources, manage survivors, explore the unknown, and expand your town. With its diverse and detailed features, the game offers a unique and engaging experience in a harsh, frozen wasteland. Can you rise to the challenge and lead your community to survival and success?

How To Play Frozen City Mod Apk

In Frozen City your goal is to create a strong base, keep your survivors safe, and conquer the harsh environment. To assist you in navigating this frozen wasteland, we’ve put together a simple guide on how to play and thrive in Frozen City.

  1. Establishing Your Base:
    The first step in your journey is to establish a sturdy base that will serve as your stronghold against cold and hostile forces. Begin by constructing vital buildings such as the Foundry, Coal Mine, and Hospital. These structures will provide essential resources, ensure the warmth and well-being of your survivors, and offer the means to defend against threats.
  2. Managing Resources:
    Resources play a crucial role in Frozen City. Coal, wood, food, and metal are essential for survival and base development. Assign workers to resource-generating buildings and prioritize the collection of these valuable assets. Efficient resource management is the key to progressing and upgrading your base.
  3. Upgrading Buildings:
    As you accumulate resources, focus on upgrading your buildings to unlock new features and enhance their capabilities. Upgrading the Foundry, for example, allows you to craft advanced weapons and gear, while upgrading the Hospital ensures better medical facilities for your survivors. Choose your upgrades wisely and consider the long-term benefits they bring.
  4. Recruitment and Hero Management:
    Heroes are your invaluable allies in Frozen City. Recruit and train them to lead your survivors and defend your base. Each hero possesses unique abilities and traits that can turn the tides of battle. Manage their equipment, level them up, and utilize their skills strategically to maximize your chances of success.
  5. Defending Against Threats:
    The frozen wasteland is teeming with hostile factions and creatures. Defend your base against attacks by fortifying your defenses and strategically placing your heroes and survivors. Upgrade your weapons, set traps, and develop a robust defensive strategy to repel enemy forces and keep your base safe.
  6. Exploration and World Missions:
    Venture beyond the confines of your base and embark on thrilling world missions. These missions allow you to explore new territories, encounter unique challenges, and acquire valuable resources and rewards. Be prepared for tough battles and adapt your strategies to overcome the ever-present dangers of the frozen world.
  7. Task Management:
    Keep a close eye on the task list, as it provides valuable objectives and milestones for your progress. Completing tasks not only grants rewards but also unlocks new features, buildings, and cities. Prioritize the tasks that align with your current goals and optimize your gameplay accordingly.
  8. Adaptation and Strategy:
    Surviving in Frozen City requires adaptability and strategic thinking. Monitor the changing conditions, manage your resources wisely, and adjust your plans accordingly. Stay alert for sudden events, changing weather patterns, and unexpected encounters that may challenge your survival instincts.

With this guide, you’re ready to thrive in Frozen City. Build a strong base, recruit heroes, manage resources, and defend against enemies. Adapt, complete tasks, and explore the icy landscapes. Remember, resourcefulness and strategy are key to success. Good luck on your journey through Frozen City.

Note: This guide provides a general overview and is a starting point for players. Supplement it with in-game tutorials and updates for a more comprehensive understanding of the game.

Frozen City Mod Apk
Frozen City Mod Apk

How To Download And Install Frozen City Mod Apk

To download and install the Frozen City APK, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open a web browser on your device and visit our website.

Step 2: scroll above and find the “Frozen City Mod Apk” download button.

Step 3: Once you find a reliable source, click on the download link or button for the Frozen City APK file.

Step 4: Your device may display a warning about downloading APK files from unknown sources. If you trust the source and want to proceed, enable the option to allow installations from unknown sources in your device’s settings. Keep in mind that enabling this option can pose security risks, so exercise caution and only download from trusted sources.

Step 5: After the APK file finishes downloading, locate it in your device’s Downloads folder or the folder you specified.

Step 6: Simply tap on the APK file to begin installing the app. If prompted, grant any necessary permissions.

Step 7: The installation process will begin, and you will see an installation progress indicator.

Step 8: Once the installation is complete, you can either open the app directly or find its icon in your device’s app drawer or home screen.

Step 9: Launch the Frozen City Mod Apk and start playing the game.

Please note that downloading and installing APK files from unofficial sources can be risky. It’s essential to exercise caution and ensure that you are downloading from a reputable website to protect your device and personal information.

How To Download And Install Frozen City Mod Apk On Pc

Now let’s talk about how to play Frozen City on PC using the new BlueStacks 5, a fast and action-packed Android emulator. By downloading and installing Frozen City through BlueStacks 5, we can enjoy the game on our Windows PC with a keyboard, mouse, and a large screen. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Open your device Chrome or other favorite web browser.

Step 2: Visit the BlueStacks website. To download BlueStacks 5, simply click on the “Play on BlueStacks” button.

Step 3: Once the download is complete, run the BlueStacks 5 installer by clicking on the downloaded file.

Step 4: Follow the installation instructions and choose the desired installation path for BlueStacks 5. You can keep the default path for simplicity.

Step 5: After the installation, launch BlueStacks 5. It may take a moment to load for the first time.

Step 6: On the BlueStacks 5 desktop, click on the Google Play Store icon to log in.

Step 7: Sign in with your Gmail email address and password.

Step 8: Accept the terms and conditions presented by Google.

Step 9: Once signed in, search for “Frozen City” in the Google Play Store.

Step 10: Click on the “Install” button to download and install Frozen City.

Step 11: After the installation, locate the Frozen City app icon on the BlueStacks 5 desktop and double-click on it to launch the game.

Step 12: Enjoy playing Frozen City on your PC with the BlueStacks 5 emulator.

That’s it! You can now fully enjoy playing Frozen City on your PC with the help of BlueStacks 5.


Frozen City is an exciting strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world covered in ice. Rebuild society, search for the Eternal Flame, and create new settlements as you navigate through the frozen wasteland.

Manage resources, upgrade buildings, and recruit heroes to defend your base. The game offers a unique blend of survival, base-building, and idle gameplay, keeping you engaged even when you’re away. Explore new cities, face challenges, and expand your community. Download Frozen City now and unleash your strategic prowess in this icy realm.