How To Get the Chase Private Client $2000 Bonus in 2023

Chase Private Client is the premium banking service from JPMorgan Chase that offers clients with substantial assets an exclusive level of services and benefits.

One of the most valuable perks for new Chase Private Client checking customers is the opportunity to earn a lucrative $2000 cash bonus. This is a nice added incentive for opening a new Chase Private Client checking account and meeting the minimum balance requirements.

chase private client bonus
chase private client bonus

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about qualifying for and getting the Chase Private Client $2000 bonus, including:

  • Chase Private Client account benefits
  • Chase Private Client eligibility requirements
  • Step-by-step walkthrough for getting the bonus
  • Tips for maintaining your bonus eligibility
  • Maximizing ongoing account benefits

Let’s get started by looking at why Chase Private Client is worth considering for high-net-worth individuals and the value of the opening bonus offer.

Overview of Chase Private Client Premium Banking

Chase Private Client provides a premium level of banking, investment, and lending services dedicated to serving the needs of high-net-worth Chase customers.

It goes above and beyond the benefits of regular Chase accounts to provide:

  • Dedicated Private Client Banker – Your personal advisor and point of contact for banking needs
  • Enhanced Digital Experience – Custom Chase Private Client features in online and mobile banking
  • No Fees – No monthly service fees, minimum balances, or overdraft fees
  • Free Trades – Unlimited commission-free online trading with Chase Investments
  • Lending Benefits – Preferred rates and pricing on mortgages and loans
  • Investment Guidance – Access to Chase investment advisors and planners
  • Premium Credit Card Perks – Complimentary benefits with Chase Sapphire Reserve and J.P. Morgan Reserve credit cards

To be eligible for Chase Private Client, you’ll need at least $250,000 in any combination of qualifying deposits and investments with Chase.

Common sources that contribute to reaching the Chase Private Client minimum include:

  • Checking and Savings Account Balances
  • Chase CDs and Money Market Accounts
  • Investments and Assets Managed Through Chase Investments
  • Retirement Accounts Like 401Ks and IRAs Held at Chase
  • Chase Mortgage Balances

As you can see, Chase Private Client provides a premium level of service, benefits, and perks tailored specifically to wealthier clients.

One of the best parts of signing up for a new Chase Private Client Checking account right now is the opportunity to earn a $2,000 cash bonus.

Chase Private Client $2000 New Account Bonus

The Chase Private Client checking account opening bonus offer provides an easy way to get $2000 in free money from Chase.

Here are the key details on the Chase Private Client $2000 bonus:

  • $2000 bonus – Receive $2000 cash back for opening a new Chase Private Client Checking account
  • New money required – You’ll need to deposit $250,000 in new money within 90 days
  • 90-day holding period – Maintain your balance for 90 days to receive the bonus

This new account bonus for Chase Private Client Checking provides a nice added incentive for opening a new account and bringing substantial assets to Chase.

The bonus offer will vary over time, but recently has been $2000 for a while now. It was previously $3000 or higher based on the level of assets brought to Chase.

While the minimum required deposit is $250,000 for Chase Private Client eligibility anyway, this bonus gives you a nice lump sum payment for moving that qualified money over to new Chase accounts within the promotional timeframe.

Next, let’s look at exactly how you can qualify for and earn this $2000 payout.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting the Chase Private Client $2000 Bonus

Getting your $2000 Chase Private Client bonus is easy as long as you meet the eligibility requirements. Just follow these steps:

Step 1 – Determine If You Qualify for Chase Private Client

Before applying for the account bonus, first make sure you meet the underlying requirements to open a Chase Private Client Checking account:

  • Minimum Balance – You’ll need at least $250,000 in qualifying deposits and investments with Chase to qualify for Private Client status.
  • Eligible Balance Sources – Counted towards the minimum, your assets can be held in Chase checking, savings, CDs, investments, mortgages, and retirement accounts like 401Ks and IRAs.
  • New Client Status – The bonus is only for new Chase Private Client checking customers, not existing ones.
  • U.S. Residency – You’ll need to be a legal U.S. resident and not currently a Chase Private Client.

If you meet these eligibility standards, you can proceed with applying for the new account bonus offer.

Step 2 – Prepare Your New Money Deposits

To qualify for the $2000 bonus, you’ll need to open your new Chase Private Client Checking account with $250,000 in new money deposits within 90 days.

This means the $250K cannot be transferred or moved from an existing Chase account. It needs to be new money coming from an external bank, brokerage, or other sources outside of Chase.

Some common ways to bring new money to Chase for this bonus include:

  • External Bank Transfer – Initiate a funds transfer to Chase from an external bank account.
  • Wire Transfer – Wire the funds to Chase from another financial institution.
  • Check Deposit – Deposit a check made out to you from a non-Chase source.
  • Brokerage Transfer – Move investments to Chase from an external brokerage firm.
  • Cash Deposit – Deposit physical cash up to allowable limits.

Make sure you have identified where you will transfer at least $250,000 in new funds to qualify for the bonus. Timing your transfers to meet the 90-day requirement is also key.

Step 3 – Contact a Chase Private Client Banker

Chase Private Client accounts can only be opened by speaking with a dedicated Chase Private Client banker.

You can find local Chase Private Client bankers by:

  • Calling or visiting your nearest Chase Private Client branch – Available in select locations like NYC, Chicago, LA, and other major wealthy cities.
  • Getting connected through the main Chase customer service number.
  • Use the Chase Private Client contact form on their website to request a callback.

Your banker will be your dedicated advisor and point of contact for getting your account opened.

Step 4 – Open Your New Chase Private Client Checking Account

During your appointment, you will open the new Chase Private Client Checking account with your banker. This process involves:

  • Providing any required identity documents.
  • Submitting your initial minimum $250,000 new money deposit. This could be a wire transfer, external bank transfer, check, etc.
  • Setting up online banking access and signing account paperwork.
  • Ordering debit cards, checks, and setting preferences.
  • Discuss your overall financial goals and plans with your banker.
  • Make sure you are registered for the $2000 new account bonus offer.

Your banker will guide you through each step in opening your qualifying Chase Private Client Checking account.

Step 5 – Maintain the Minimum Balance for 90 Days

After opening your account, you’ll need to maintain a minimum of $250,000 in your new Chase Private Client Checking for 90 consecutive days.

This 90-day period starts the day you open the account.

Be sure to keep sufficient qualifying funds on deposit during this time frame to avoid dropping below the required minimum balance. Watch for any pending withdrawals or debits that could impact your balance.

If your balance does happen to dip below $250K at any point within the 90 days, immediately top it back up to meet the minimum funds required for the bonus.

Step 6 – Receive Your $2000 Chase Private Client Bonus

Within 10 business days after you’ve successfully maintained your opening deposit for 90 days, Chase will deposit the $2000 bonus into your new Chase Private Client Checking account.

You can expect to see it posted as a credit labeled something like “New Account Bonus” or “Private Client Bonus.”

Be sure to record this bonus payment on your taxes for the year it is received if required.

Then put your Chase Private Client bonus to good use however you’d like!

Going forward, you’ll continue enjoying the premium benefits and service of being a Chase Private Client member.

Tips for Maintaining Eligibility for the Chase Private Client Bonus

Here are some important tips to keep in mind for meeting the requirements:

  • Mind the 90-Day Clock – Note your account opening date and be sure to maintain the minimum through day 90.
  • Track Your Balance – Monitor your balance daily to avoid falling below the minimum needed.
  • Deposit Early – Don’t wait until the last minute in case transfers are delayed.
  • Don’t Touch the Funds – Let your opening deposit sit untouched during the 90-day period.
  • Notify Chase of Issues – If your balance drops, immediately contact Chase and then top it back up.
  • Link Accounts – Connect your Chase Private Client Checking to other accounts like savings and investment balances.

Following these best practices will help ensure you successfully earn your $2000 bonus!

Getting the Most from Chase Private Client Benefits

Even once you’ve earned your lucrative $2000 new account bonus, you’ll want to continue leveraging the premium benefits and services that come with Chase Private Client.

Here are some tips for maximizing your ongoing perks:

  • Meet With Your Banker Regularly – Have investment portfolio reviews, discuss financial goals, and let them know how they can assist you.
  • Take Advantage of Free Trades – Utilize commission-free trading to invest through Chase without fees.
  • Get the Best Rates – Whether borrowing, saving, or investing, negotiate the best terms.
  • Access Exclusive Events – Your Chase Private Client status may offer invitations to special private events and experiences.
  • Combine Accounts for Added Perks – Link services like Chase Investments and Chase credit cards for enhanced rewards.
  • Refer Friends to Earn Bonuses – You and your friends can earn rewards when you refer them to open Chase Private Client accounts.

Chase Private Client provides a truly premium level of service and benefits tailored specifically to high-value customers. Be sure to take advantage of all it has to offer.

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Conclusion: Get Your Chase Private Client $2000 Bonus

In summary, here are the key steps to earn your easy $2000 bonus with Chase Private Client:

  1. Confirm you meet the eligibility requirements for Chase Private Client.
  2. Prepare to deposit $250K in new funds from outside Chase.
  3. Contact a Chase Private Client banker to open your account.
  4. Deposit your initial $250K minimum balance.
  5. Maintain at least $250K for 90 consecutive days.
  6. Get your $2000 bonus within 10 days of meeting terms.
  7. Continue enjoying premium benefits and service as a Chase Private Client member.

This lucrative bonus combined with ongoing perks and dedicated service makes Chase Private Client an excellent option for qualifying high-net-worth individuals seeking premium banking.

Visit any local Chase Private Client branch or contact Chase today to get started on earning your $2000!

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