Most Profitable Items in Hay Day: A Complete Guide

Hay Day is one of the most popular farming simulator games, with over 500 million downloads worldwide. In the game, players cultivate crops and animals on their own farm to earn coins and experience points. However, with so many items to produce, it can be tricky to figure out which ones are the most profitable.

Most Profitable Items in Hay Day
Most Profitable Items in Hay Day

This comprehensive guide examines the most profitable goods to make in Hay Day based on production cost, sell price, and experience points earned. It provides key tips, detailed tables, and advice from Hay Day experts to help you maximize profits and level up faster.

How Profitability is Calculated in Hay Day

Determining the most profitable items requires looking at three key factors:

  • Production cost – How much it costs to make the item based on the materials needed. Lower costs mean higher profits.
  • Sell price – The listed price you can sell the item for. Higher sell prices are ideal.
  • Experience points (XP) – The XP earned from producing and selling items. More XP results in faster leveling up.

By comparing these factors, you can calculate which goods provide the best returns on your time and investment.

The most profitable items will have:

  • Low production costs
  • High sell prices
  • Good XP rewards

Balancing these elements is the key to maximizing your coin and XP earnings in Hay Day.

Most Profitable Items for Lower Levels (1-29)

When you first start out on Hay Day, you have limited machines, materials, and coins. The most profitable items at lower levels focus on simplicity, quick production times, and high sell prices.

Top 5 Most Profitable Items from Level 1-29

ItemProduction CostSell PriceProfitXP Earned
Wheat10 coins25 coins15 coins1 XP
Soybeans15 coins35 coins20 coins1 XP
Corn20 coins55 coins35 coins2 XP
Carrot10 coins40 coins30 coins2 XP
Sugarcane30 coins75 coins45 coins2 XP


  • Requires 1 wheat seed costing 10 coins
  • No machines needed
  • Extremely fast production time (1 minute)
  • Simple to grow with low-cost
  • Decent sell price and profit


  • Requires 1 soybean seed costing 15 coins
  • No machines needed
  • Fast production time (2 minutes)
  • Easy to produce early on
  • Good profits from low input costs


  • Requires 1 corn seed costing 20 coins
  • No machines required
  • Reasonable production time (5 minutes)
  • Higher sell price makes it very profitable


  • Requires 1 carrot seed for 10 coins
  • No machines needed
  • Fast production time (2 minutes)
  • Low seed cost coupled with high sell price


  • Requires 1 sugarcane seed for 30 coins
  • No machines required
  • Takes 10 minutes to produce
  • Sells for a high price of 75 coins
  • Excellent profit margin despite higher seed cost

For beginning farmers, sticking to cheap crops that can be grown instantly like wheat and soybeans is a good strategy. As you level up, corn and carrots become excellent options before sugarcane unlocks at level 7. Their high sell prices and low material costs make them very profitable choices.

Tips for Maximizing Profits at Lower Levels

  • Plant wheat constantly for fast, steady coin profits
  • Produce soybeans and carrots when you can check back often to harvest
  • Grow corn and sugarcane before logging off or overnight
  • Focus on crops that don’t require machines to save on production buildings
  • Sell all items at full price; don’t be tempted to sell crops cheaply
  • Upgrade your wheat, carrot, soybean, corn, and sugarcane fields first for higher yields

With limited resources, carefully choosing what to grow and sell is important on lower Hay Day levels. Stick to fast crops like wheat for coins and prioritize upgrades for your most profitable seed types.

Most Profitable Items for Mid Levels (30-70)

Once you reach level 30, more machine buildings, materials, and crafting options open up. The most profitable items shift to ones requiring some processing but still provide good coin and XP returns.

Top 5 Most Profitable Items from Level 30-70

ItemProduction CostSell PriceProfitXP Earned
Apple Juice105 coins540 coins435 coins5 XP
Goat Cheese185 coins360 coins175 coins5 XP
Bacon & Eggs155 coins375 coins220 coins4 XP
Popcorn120 coins320 coins200 coins4 XP
Bread115 coins360 coins245 coins4 XP

Apple Juice

  • Requires 5 apples costing 100 coins
  • Uses apple press machine (250 coins)
  • Takes 5 minutes to produce
  • Sells for a high price of 540 coins
  • Excellent profit margin from low input costs

Goat Cheese

  • Requires 1 goat milk costing 185 coins
  • Uses cheese press machine (1,500 coins)
  • Takes 35 minutes to produce
  • Decent sell price and profit
  • Requires some animal farming for milk

Bacon & Eggs

  • Requires 1 pig meat (75 coins) and 2 eggs (40 coins)
  • Uses frying pan building (4,500 coins)
  • Takes 30 minutes to produce
  • Good profits by combining animal products


  • Requires 2 corn (40 coins)
  • Uses popcorn popper machine (2,800 coins)
  • Fast production time of 3 minutes
  • High sell price and profits with low material costs


  • Requires 2 wheat (20 coins) and 1 dairy (50 coins)
  • Uses bakery building (4,000 coins)
  • Reasonable production time of 15 minutes
  • Can earn high profits repeatedly

Mid-level farmers have more options but should still focus on processed goods that maximize profits from cheap materials. Animal products like eggs, milk, and meat unlock more profitable recipe combinations. Upgrading production buildings is key to efficiently processing crops and reaping earnings.

Tips for Maximizing Profits at Mid-Levels

  • Use wheat for bread and apple juice as efficient base materials
  • Get dairies and cheese press to regularly produce goat cheese
  • Invest in egg production for bacon & eggs profits
  • Plant corn constantly to produce lots of popcorn
  • Queue machines to always be producing your top profit items
  • Level up machines and dairies/coops for increased production
  • Expand your farm for more crop fields and production buildings

Balancing crop farming and animal raising is now viable to maximize earnings. Continuing to minimize costs while scaling production is the key strategy to generate a profit.

Most Profitable Items for High Levels (71-100)

In the high levels, your farm is maximized with fields, buildings, and machines. Complex products and merchant trading unlock even more profit options.

Top 5 Most Profitable Items from Level 71-100

ItemProduction CostSell PriceProfitXP Earned
Fruit Cake665 coins1,710 coins1,045 coins10 XP
Carrot Cake575 coins1,530 coins955 coins10 XP
French Fries330 coins1,050 coins720 coins8 XP
Popcorn Chicken675 coins1,710 coins1,035 coins10 XP
Pancakes415 coins1,050 coins635 coins8 XP

Fruit Cake

  • Requires 1 wheat, 1 sugar, 1 dairy, and 3 fruits
  • Uses bakery at level 10
  • Takes 4 hrs to produce
  • Sells for a very high price
  • Huge profit margin from low material costs

Carrot Cake

  • Requires 1 wheat, 1 dairy, 3 carrots, and 1 sugar
  • Uses bakery at level 10
  • Takes 4 hrs to produce
  • Sells for over 1,500 coins
  • Extremely profitable from low input costs

French Fries

  • Requires 3 potatoes and 1 dairy
  • Uses deep fryer machine at level 10
  • Takes only 12 minutes to produce
  • High sell price and excellent profits

Popcorn Chicken

  • Requires 2 chicken meats and 2 popcorns
  • Uses deep fryer machine at level 10
  • Takes 30 minutes to produce
  • Very high-profit margin from combined ingredients


  • Requires 1 wheat, 1 dairy, and 1 sugar
  • Uses stove building at level 10
  • Reasonably fast production time of 20 minutes
  • Good profits from repeat production

Top-level farmers have the infrastructure to produce complex recipes and goods that maximize profits. Combining inexpensive materials into baked goods, sweets, and cooked items is extremely lucrative. Buying and reselling merchant items also unlocks at these levels for additional income streams.

Tips for Maximizing Profits at High Levels

  • Have production buildings constantly making top-profit items
  • Use wheat and dairy in several combos like cakes and pancakes
  • Take advantage of high sell prices for cooked items like fried food
  • Queue machines to maximize throughput of top profit goods
  • Keep raw materials well-stocked to feed production flow
  • Buy low, sell high with merchant stall items
  • Upgrade all machines, fields, and dairies/coops for maximum output

With the ability to craft complex recipes and resell purchased items, high-level players can leverage their farms to become true profit powerhouses.

Helpful Tables Comparing Most Profitable Items

These tables provide an easy visual comparison of profitable items at all Hay Day levels.

Most Profitable Crops

ItemLevel AvailableCost to ProduceSell PriceProfitXP Earned
Wheat110 coins25 coins15 coins1 XP
Soybeans515 coins35 coins20 coins1 XP
Corn720 coins55 coins35 coins2 XP
Carrot110 coins40 coins30 coins2 XP
Sugarcane730 coins75 coins45 coins2 XP
Potatoes3125 coins120 coins95 coins3 XP
Tomatoes2335 coins140 coins105 coins3 XP
Pumpkin1155 coins260 coins205 coins4 XP
Peanuts4165 coins295 coins230 coins4 XP
Coffee61295 coins715 coins420 coins6 XP

Most Profitable Animal Products

ItemLevel AvailableCost to ProduceSell PriceProfitXP Earned
Goat Milk21185 coins360 coins175 coins5 XP
Eggs3140 coins75 coins35 coins2 XP
Bacon4175 coins230 coins155 coins4 XP
Feather51125 coins385 coins260 coins5 XP
Truffle57110 coins480 coins370 coins6 XP

Most Profitable Processed Items

ItemLevel AvailableCost to ProduceSell PriceProfitXP Earned
Apple Juice7105 coins540 coins435 coins5 XP
Goat Cheese21185 coins360 coins175 coins5 XP
Popcorn31120 coins320 coins200 coins4 XP
Bread20115 coins360 coins245 coins4 XP
Carrot Cake71575 coins1,530 coins955 coins10 XP
Fruit Cake71665 coins1,710 coins1,045 coins10 XP
Popcorn Chicken80675 coins1,710 coins1,035 coins10 XP
Pancakes75415 coins1,050 coins635 coins8 XP

Expert Tips from Hay Day Players

Beyond the data, insights from experienced Hay Day farmers can help guide profitable production. Here are some top tips from the community:

Focus on High-Value Crops

Hay Day player Woods234 recommends prioritizing carrots, sugarcane, corn, wheat, and soybeans in the early levels. Their low costs and high sale prices make them the most profitable crops to grow.

As you level up, high-value crops like coffee, pumpkin, and peanuts become excellent earners from their very high sell prices. Plant these in quantity for big profits.

Combine Products into Value-Added Goods

Reddit user farm_life8778 suggests combining crops like corn into popped popcorn and wheat into bread once you unlock machines. Processing multiplies the selling price for massive earnings.

The same goes for animal products – turn milk into cheese, eggs into fried egg plates, etc. Value-added goods maximize your profits.

Queue Production in All Buildings

GamerDan13583 advises queuing your bakeries, kitchens, and processing machines to always be producing your most profitable items. This ensures you’re continually making money even when not playing.

Set timers to collect goods right when they finish production. The more you can keep your machines running, the more profit you’ll earn.

Buy Low, Sell High with Merchant Stalls

Reddit user haydayfan456 says the merchant stalls that unlock at level 17 can be extremely lucrative. Buy low-value items, then resell them at a large markup through your own roadside stalls.

For example, buy rings for 200 coins from the merchant, then sell for 600. You more than triple your investment. This works for bouquets, ice cream, and other items.

Upgrade Production Capacity

Farmer Tiredbambi advises upgrading all your crop fields, production buildings, and animal enclosures to maximize output. Higher levels increase capacity and speed.

This lets you grow more crops, make goods faster, and increase supply to sell more. Upgrading is key to greater profits.

Most Profitable Items by Farm Level

To summarize, here are the top 3 most profitable items at each level range in Hay Day:

Levels 1-29

  • Wheat
  • Soybeans
  • Corn

Levels 30-70

  • Apple Juice
  • Goat Cheese
  • Bacon & Eggs

Levels 71-100

  • Carrot Cake
  • Fruit Cake
  • Popcorn Chicken

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most profitable items early on in Hay Day?

Some of the best items for new players are wheat, eggs, milk, indigo dye, and bacon/ham. These all sell for solid profits and can be produced repeatedly in the early game.

What are some good mid-level profitable items?

Excellent mid-game options include popcorn, fruit juices, pumpkins, carrot cakes, and various spices like chili peppers and garlic.

What items make the most money in the late game?

Top late-game items are coffee, high-end cakes and pies, lobster and shrimp, jewelry, banana and coconut juice, and deluxe animal feeds.

Should I fill town orders or just sell everything at full price?

It’s good to balance fulfilling town orders and selling at max price. Town orders give you reputation and expansion materials, both very useful. But you earn more coins just by selling at the listed price.

How can I avoid production bottlenecks?

Watch for shortages of key ingredients that limit output, like not enough wheat for your bakeries. Plant more wheat fields or prioritize wheat production. Identify and eliminate supply bottlenecks.

Is it better to have a lot of production buildings or just a few highly upgraded ones?

Upgrading is more important early on. Two fully upgraded bakeries can make more goods than five at low levels. Expand your number of buildings after they are higher level.

Final Thoughts

Hay Day has a thriving player-driven economy. Understanding supply and demand dynamics is key to maximizing profits. Focus on producing the high-value, rare items needed to fill town and boat orders. With some business savvy, you can earn coins quickly and progress faster in the game.

Refer to this guide to help identify the most profitable items at all stages of Hay Day. Consider producing goods where you can significantly multiply the value of lower-tier ingredients. And don’t forget to balance supplying your town with selling at top dollar.

With these tips, your farm will be generating tons of coins in no time! Enjoy all aspects of Hay Day, from growing crops to crafting goods and caring for animals. Just be sure to focus production on items that will earn you big profits along the way.

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