How I Turned a Medium Article into a Six-Thousand-Dollar Success

Before I dive into the details of how a single Medium article unexpectedly brought in a substantial sum, let me make it clear that sharing my earnings isn’t about boasting. I’ve hesitated to discuss this, but I’m opting for full transparency to offer insights that could help you replicate similar success.

In this article, I’ll break down five key strategies that contributed to the virality of this article, applicable not just to Medium writers but to creators across the board. Stick around until the end, as I’ll also reveal additional observations and some lesser-known tactics that I consistently implement.

Uncovering the Unexpected: A Viral Medium Article

When I reflect on my past earnings from writing on Medium, they typically ranged from $50 to $300 per month. However, things changed drastically when one specific article took off, generating an astonishing $6,665 in just three months. This surge in income was completely unforeseen, and it’s vital to mention that 93% of this revenue came directly from this viral article.

The Article that Changed the Game

The article, I published on September 12, 2022, marked a turning point. With approximately 128,000 views and an average reading time of about three minutes, the article’s success was remarkable. What’s even more surprising is that this achievement stemmed from just three hours of effort, from brainstorming and researching to crafting and editing.

Turning Videos into Articles: A Winning Strategy

Here’s a secret: I don’t create Medium articles from scratch. Instead, I repurpose my YouTube video scripts into articles. This cross-platform approach ensures maximum exposure for my content. For instance, you’re currently reading a script that will soon become a Medium article. Repurposing your content across platforms is an excellent unofficial tip to boost your reach.

Five Strategies for Replicating Viral Success

1. Double Down on Proven Concepts

Building on what works is a powerful strategy. In my case, I had a previously successful article titled “If You Want to Retire Five Years Early, Stop Buying These Five Things.” For this recent viral article, I doubled both the years and the items, resulting in even more engagement and income. Repackaging and expanding on what has previously resonated can yield incredible results.

2. Provide Actionable Advice

Readers engage when they can act on what they’ve learned. Make your content about them, offering practical steps they can take right away. In my article, while the overarching idea of retiring 10 years early requires time, many of the tips were immediately actionable. From investing in index funds to reevaluating credit card interest, the content was relatable and doable.

3. Embrace Controversy

Invite differing opinions. Content that sparks discussion tends to perform well in algorithms. While the aim isn’t to attract negativity, fostering healthy debates can enhance engagement. I’ve found that even contrarian comments can lead to more visibility and interaction. Don’t fear differing viewpoints; they can contribute to your success.

4. Trim the Fat: Get to the Point

Readers’ time is precious. Long-winded introductions can deter engagement. Start strong, keep paragraphs concise (aim for two to three sentences), and maintain readability. Efficiently delivering value respects your readers’ time and encourages them to stick around.

5. Integrate Visuals Throughout

While a hero image is essential, don’t limit yourself to one. Inserting images throughout your article can boost views and read time. This technique also breaks up content, making it more visually appealing. Websites like Pexels and Unsplash provide high-quality images and remember to include proper image attributions.

Beyond the Basics: Observations and Bonus Tips

  • Revenue Persistence: Even when an article loses algorithm prominence, revenue can continue to trickle in. So, don’t panic if your views drop post-virality.
  • Internal Views Matter: Internal views are crucial. 88% of my earnings were from Medium subscribers, underlining the significance of captivating this audience.
  • Image Choices: Curiously, articles with images of objects (rather than people) seem to perform better on Medium. Contrast this with YouTube, where the opposite holds true.
  • Create Your Publication: You don’t need external publications to go viral. Consider creating your own, as I did, for more control over your content’s visibility.
  • Referral Income: Leverage your Medium article to convert non-paying readers into subscribers through your referral link. This strategy boosted my referral income significantly.
  • Growing Followers: A viral article can translate into increased followers and email subscribers, enhancing your overall reach.


Viral success on Medium isn’t about luck; it’s about employing strategies that resonate with your audience. Double down on proven concepts, provide actionable advice, embrace controversy, trim excess content, and enhance your articles with visuals.

While these tactics helped me achieve unexpected results, remember that each creator’s journey is unique. Experiment, learn, and find what works best for you. Best of luck on your writing journey! If you found value in this post, don’t hesitate to use my referral link to sign up for Medium—it supports me while costing you nothing.

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